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EPiServer Find is a search engine that empowers developers to build great search experiences on web sites, intranets and just about any type of system that has textual content. EPiServer Find recognizes that you know your data best and allows you to query it using your own domain model. Thereby offering a better experience to users, more fun for developers, shorter development cycles and cost efficiency. Try it out!

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Features & Specs

Multi language support The service supports a wide range of languages: arabic, armenian, basque, brazilian, bulgarian, catalan, chinese, cjk, czech, danish, dutch, english, finnish, french, galician, german, greek, hindi, hungarian, indonesian, italian, norwegian, persian, portuguese, romanian, russian, spanish, swedish, turkish and thai.

Geo search The service supports indexing geographical coordinates and later searching for them in a number of ways. Particularly powerfull is the ability to search for locations in an arbitrary bounding box, enabling functionality such as "in this part of town" or "along this route".

Near-realtime search Once a document has been updated it is instantly retrievable from the service. Within seconds it is made searchable. No more waiting for a crawler to come by and index content that should be searchable right away.

Searching in documents Apart from the actual data on your site the service offers support for a wide range of document formats including Microsoft Word, PDFs, Apple iWorks and XML.

Perfect for AJAX The language of the service is JSON meaning that building rich, client side search functionality with EPiServer Find comes naturally. As every EPiServer Find index comes with two API-keys were one is for read-only access you can expose your data to clients while maintaining the priviledge to write to it to yourself.

Get started instantly Using our hosted plans where the search engine is offered as a "Sofware as a Service" you're able to create an index and be up and running in a matter of minutes (seconds if you're really fast with the keyboard). No more waiting for servers and third party vendors to set things up.

Facets Facets are a way to aggregate data for all documents in an index or documents that match a certain search query or set of filtering criterias. The most well known example is perhaps term facets which can be used tag clouds and facetted navigation, but many other types of facets are also supported, including statistical, histograms and geo-distance.

Integrations As we're using mainly existing technologies there is a host of client APIs and ready to use integrations available. However, when using EPiServer Find you are also entitled to a license for our particularly excellent .NET client API and integrations with frameworks and CMSes such as EPiServer CMS.

Highly scalable EPiServer Find is built from the ground up on highly scalable components so that you should never have to worry about how it scales. With most of our plans hosting is provided using clusters of servers in multiple locations offering both reliability and scalability. For self hosted solutions scaling is just a matter of plugging in a second, or third, or fourth server. The servers will automatically form a cluster and replicate to each other.